How riding a bike can improve your mental health

I had a great opportunity to be on the Cycling Over Sixty podcast with Tom Butler.

You can listen to the whole episode at

Tom asked many questions about the benefits of bicycle riding on our mental health. It was fun discussing some of my own personal experiences as well as sharing stories of people I have interviewed.

One of the biggest benefits that we talk about is the meditative and mindful state that bicycle riding can bring. I talk about the concept of bi-lateral stimulation and how that can be used to help calm the mind and process difficult memories. By doing so it can help lessen the intensity of emotions associated with those memories and events.

I also share how I am in the process of starting my own solo private practice, and how bicycle riding will be utilized for my clients treatment and healing. This mental health therapy will be starting soon in Orem, Utah and I am now accepting referrals (see the therapy page).

Give Tom’s podcast a listen and share with others!

-Ride This Out-