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Do you remember riding bikes as a kid? The joy and excitement you felt? Maybe you ride your bike daily, or maybe you haven’t ridden in years.

 Ride This Out is a podcast for all types of bicycle riders to share their experiences on how riding has improved their mental health and overall wellness. My name is Zach, and I have been a mental health therapist for over 10 years. I hope that by sharing other people’s experiences, and some therapeutic life lessons I have learned, we can all inspire each other to get out and ride to experience the benefits together.

I also provide mental health services in the state of Utah through my private practice located in Orem.  

Let’s Ride This Out!

Latest Posts

For Those Who Ride
Podcast Guest Rider: Liam Gousios
Episode 43. For Those Who Ride Liam Gousios, the host of the podcast ‘For Those Who Ride,’ shares his passion for biking and podcasting. He discusses his background working...
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Tomas C
Podcast Guest Rider: Tomás Castrillón
Episode 41. Cycling in Columbia Tomás Castrillón, owner of a cycling tour company in Colombia, shares his passion for cycling and the beautiful terrain in his country. He discusses...
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Sam Balto
Podcast Guest Rider: Sam Balto
Episode 39: The Bike Bus Benefits. Sam Balto, a PE teacher and advocate for active transportation, discusses his journey into teaching and his passion for promoting biking and walking...
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Adam Porter_20240405_170958_0000
Podcast Guest Rider: Adam Porter
Adam Porter discusses his journey as an author and the creation of his children’s book ‘Morning Ride.’ He shares his motivation for writing the book and the process...
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Podcast Guest Rider: Adam Malmanger
Adam Malmanger, a dedicated cyclist, shares his experience and insights on biking every day for almost five years. He discusses how he got into biking and photography, as well as the...
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Podcast Guest Rider: Nicole Campbell
Session #34. Calming your mind through cycling “Niki Camps” talks about being introduced to cycling 3 years ago. She talks how it has connected her to a great community...
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Ride This Out promotes mental & physical wellness through bike riding. Get out and ride!

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