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What kind of bicycle rider are you? Beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional? Road cyclist, mountain biker, e-biker, casual rider?

Whatever kind of rider you are, you have felt the joy of riding a bicycle. Ride This Out is a platform for every kind of rider to share your experiences on how riding has improved your mental health and your overall wellness. My name is Zach and I have been a mental health therapist for over 10 years. I’ll be sharing therapeutic life lessons with you as we improve together.  

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Dan Hurd
Podcast Guest Rider: Daniel Hurd
Daniel Hurd biked the lower 48 states to raise awareness for suicide prevention. He shares his story of his mental health journey and how biking has saved his life. Please share with...
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How riding a bike can improve your mental health
I had a great opportunity to be on the Cycling Over Sixty podcast with Tom Butler. You can listen to the whole episode at cyclingoversixty.com Tom asked many questions about the benefits...
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Podcast Guest Rider: Jill Colby of Cycle Sanpete
Session 28. How to strengthen your town. Jill Colby shares her story of starting Cycle Sanpete. Listen to the amazing work they are doing to create a 47-mile bike path connecting multiple...
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Podcast Guest Rider: Ben Masters with Crank Therapy
Ben Masters has made a pedal powered sewing machine and uses it to repurpose old bicycle inner tubes into wallets, ID holders, and other items. He started a small business called Crank...
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Podcast Guest Rider: Daniel Morteh
Daniel is an avid cyclist from Jersey City, New Jersey. He created Bikes Will Save the World to promote and encourage others to ride. Daniel talks about his mentors, training, and favorite...
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Podcast Guest Rider: Mike West
Mike West is a city planner with a desire to make safer streets for pedestrians and people on bikes. He recently took a trip to the Netherlands and talks about what he learned and how...
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