2 simple Tips for keeping New Year's Resolutions
It’s that time of year again. What goals do you want to achieve this new year? If you’re normal, you will set a bunch of goals and have high expectations to make this year better...
Ups & Downs
Skill for emotional regulation
Ride the hills Remember the first hill you ever climbed on your bike? I mean like reeeeeeally big hill? Chances are, while you were climbing it, you might have had thoughts that went something...
Zach's bike bio
I grew up in the small west desert town of Delta Utah. From an early age, I would ride everywhere. I have memories of riding my bike to preschool and kindergarten and getting my homemade MC Hammer...
MiniRide (Comic Strip)
Struggling with your MENTAL HEALTH?
It’s ok, many of us are. I’ve got some advice for you: Go for a bike ride! Seriously. Just go down the street or around the block. It only needs to be 1-2 minutes. Go ahead. I’ll...
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