Struggling with your MENTAL HEALTH?

It’s ok, many of us are.

I’ve got some advice for you:

Go for a bike ride!

Seriously. Just go down the street or around the block. It only needs to be 1-2 minutes.

Go ahead. I’ll wait…

Welcome back!!

How did it go?

When riding on a bike, most people experience


Why? Well there are multiple reasons. One that we will discuss in this life lesson session is


We’ve all heard this term. A quick refresher for you, mindfulness is the ability to be present. To block out thoughts about your past, worries about your future, and just BE IN THE MOMENT. All of your senses are engaged. Your hands on the handlebars, your legs pumping back and forth, and the wind rushing past your face. Your ears are opened to the small sounds of being outside, your skin feels the air, and you might even notice the smells and taste of whatever time of year it is. You feel movement, you feel free, you feel…


(I promise I’m not yelling, just want to make sure we are grabbing the key points here 🙂

Now from this simple 1-2 minute ride, take those feelings and lessons with you throughout the rest of your day. Take more opportunities to be present and practice the skill of mindfulness. Notice your senses, be ALIVE and IN THE MOMENT.

-Ride This Out-

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