Guest Rider: Cade Archibald

I started biking at a really young age, initially BMX. Me and my buddies, including Zacky G would get shovels and rakes build some funky jumps and send it! I remember riding all around town, grabbing friends along the way and finding whatever empty dirt lot we could to have some fun with. I have some of the fondest memories of broken wrists and big jumps with consequences. They would sometimes end up with a mouth full of dirt, but it seemed like we always stood up with big smiles on our faces, and lots of scrapes and bruises. 

Seems like once we got our driver’s licenses, biking became a lower priority and chasing girls and “dragging main” became a new past time. I was introduced to downhill mountain biking during my later years in college, and all the memories of amazing experiences on my BMX bike with my best buds came flooding back! Since then I have loved getting on my mountain bike and trying to find the easiest route up so that I could cruise down as fast as possible. As I’ve aged like a fine wine, I’ve realized the adrenaline junkie in me needs some taming.

Just this last week my son, Jase turned 10. For his birthday, he wanted to go on a mountain bike ride at the exact same time he was born, which was 6:47 AM. That was probably one of the most proud dad moment status, along with some of his sporting accomplishments. 

So on Jases’s birthday we woke up bright and early. Got the bikes, loaded and prepped strapped on all our gear and headed out on the trail. I live in beautiful sunny St. George Utah, and we went to the Desert Canyon Trail and rode “Secret Sauce.” Jase rode incredibly well with minimal stops and all out pedaling and rolling through the turns. On the uphill, there is always the struggle to get over certain rocks or technical sections and catch your breath, but every time we both had huge smiles on our faces, and we’re giving high-fives all around. My dad also accompanied us, and at the age of 73! I would say his full-time job is mountain biking. He is consistently finding new trails and giving us the tours of the best rides and trails in St. George. It was so fun to have him and Jase along for the ride! 

Jase with his grandpa, the legendary Rick Archibald.

Mountain biking is one of those sports and activities where anyone from different ages and skill levels can still ride together have a really enjoyable time and create lasting memories.

I can’t imagine life without mountain biking. It’s fantastic for my cardio and health, as well as my mindset and well-being. If you haven’t hit the mountain recently, or maybe ever, it’s time to try it.

Cade Archibald lives in St. George, Utah with his wife and 3 kids. When he is not coaching his son’s sports teams, he can be found wake surfing, mountain biking, and loving life. He is a co founder of East West Health and works to help promote promote age reversal and health optimization programs.