Guest Rider: Cody Eldridge

How did you get into biking?

I’ve been riding since I can remember! At a very young age my dad taught me how to ride and work on bikes. It was always just kind of a fun thing to do.

I didn’t take biking seriously until my late teens. I remember vividly one day taking an old beat up mountain bike I just fixed up out for a spin. I immediately thought, “Dang! I’ve been missing out on this.”

I was hooked. I would ride any chance I got. I would rush home from work to ride my bike. I enjoyed riding under the stars most times.

On one of those late night rides I thought why not ride back and forth to work? I began to use my bike to commute and loved every second. That led me to become a dedicated bicycle commuter.

Eventually scored a job as an apprentice bicycle mechanic. Worked my way through the bike world a bit. And here I am.

I love bicycles. Working on them or riding them. My entire world is the world of bikes!

What kind of biking do you do? 

Mostly commuting and just cruising around my beautiful little city. I dabble in mountain biking a little, but 95% of my time is on the pavement.

I love the freedom and joy that comes with using a bike versus a car. There’s no better way to start the workday than with a clear head gleaned from a bike ride in the crisp morning air.

I often say why do we go from our house cage, to our car cage, to our work cage? Life is more fun to get out of the cage once in a while. Let the wind flow through your hair! Ride a bike!

One of Cody’s bikes. IG @codyshawneldridge

How has it improved your mental and physical health?

I would lose my mind without my bikes. During the winter, where it may be a few days between rides, I can feel my anxiety levels rise. Riding a bike is the best way I can think of to keep my mind fresh. It’s like meditation and always helps me shake away the blues.

It being physically healthy is just an added bonus!

What advice would you give to other riders?

Life is just a ride! Enjoy it! Don’t give up! Be excellent to each other! And party on!

Cody keeps GREENbike moving! IG @codyshawneldridge

Cody is a professional bike mechanic who loves riding and working on bikes. He is also a huge advocate for better cycling infrastructure and adoption. He believes that cycling is a great way to get around, and he is passionate about making it easier for people to cycle. Give his instagram page a follow at @codyshawneldridge