Podcast Guest Rider: Adam Malmanger

Adam Malmanger, a dedicated cyclist, shares his experience and insights on biking every day for almost five years. He discusses how he got into biking and photography, as well as the origins of the 30 Day Biking Challenge. Adam talks about his favorite bike and the challenges of biking in cold weather. He shares his favorite riding locations, including the breakwater in Two Harbors, Minnesota. Adam also discusses the impact of biking on his mental health and the biking culture and infrastructure in Minnesota. He shares his goals and milestones, and offers tips for getting into biking.


Biking every day can be an adventure and an escape from the routine of daily life.

Don’t give up on biking after just one try; give it a chance and keep going.

Find a bike that fits your body and explore different riding locations to keep things interesting.

Biking can have a positive impact on mental health and overall well-being.

Engage with biking communities and advocacy groups to connect with other cyclists and support biking infrastructure.

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