Podcast Guest Rider: Adam Porter

Adam Porter discusses his journey as an author and the creation of his children’s book ‘Morning Ride.’ He shares his motivation for writing the book and the process of finding an illustrator. Adam also talks about the artistic choices he made and the importance of engaging both children and parents. He then delves into his own cycling journey, including the types of riding he does and his collection of vintage Cannondale bikes. Adam concludes by discussing the joy of riding with his family and the bonding experiences it provides. In this conversation, Adam Porter discusses his love for cycling and how it has become a source of inspiration and creativity for him. He shares his tips for finding time to ride, including getting up early in the morning and involving friends for accountability. Adam also highlights the mental and physical benefits of cycling, such as problem-solving and finding peace in nature. He emphasizes the importance of creating connections and memories through cycling, and shares his plans for future books and projects. The conversation concludes with Adam offering advice for aspiring writers and encouraging them to find joy in their creative pursuits.


Writing a children’s book can be a fulfilling side hustle that allows for creativity and passion.

Attention to detail and beautiful artwork can enhance the reading experience for both children and parents.

Engaging children in a hobby like cycling through books can inspire them to explore the activity further.

Cycling can be a versatile and enjoyable hobby, with different types of riding and events to suit individual preferences.

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