Podcast Guest Rider: Liam Gousios

Episode 43. For Those Who Ride

Liam Gousios, the host of the podcast ‘For Those Who Ride,’ shares his passion for biking and podcasting. He discusses his background working at a bike shop and how it sparked his love for bikes. Liam also talks about his journey into podcasting and how he combines his interests in biking and sound editing. He explains the motivation behind his podcast and the importance of inclusivity in the biking community. Liam highlights the different topics he covers on his show, including advocacy, bike culture, and riding in different seasons. He emphasizes the joy and mental health benefits of biking. In this conversation, Liam Gousios and Zach discuss the benefits of incorporating biking into daily life. Liam shares his personal experience with rock climbing and how it led to a back injury, which made biking a more accessible and enjoyable form of exercise. They talk about the mental and physical benefits of biking, including the freedom it provides and the opportunity to incorporate self-care moments into daily routines. Liam also gives advice for those getting into biking, emphasizing the importance of understanding one’s needs and finding a supportive community. He shares his goals for the future, including riding a 120-mile trail and growing a successful tomato garden.


-Liam Gousios shares his love for biking and podcasting on ‘For Those Who Ride.’
-Working at a bike shop sparked Liam’s passion for bikes and led him to pursue podcasting.
-Liam’s podcast combines his interests in biking and sound editing, creating a professional and informative show.
-The motivation behind Liam’s podcast is to promote inclusivity in the biking community and provide resources for all types of riders.
-Liam covers a range of topics on his show, including advocacy, bike culture, and riding in different seasons.
-Biking brings joy and has mental health benefits for Liam and many others. Incorporating biking into daily life can provide mental and physical benefits, such as fresh air, movement, and a sense of freedom.
-Finding a supportive bike shop or community can enhance the biking experience and provide opportunities for learning and growth.
-Taking small steps, like biking to work or joining a local group ride, can lead to positive changes in overall well-being.
-Understanding one’s needs and goals for biking is important when choosing the right bike and accessories.
-Biking can be a form of self-care, allowing individuals to take moments for themselves and recharge.

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