Podcast Guest Rider: Sam Balto

Episode 39: The Bike Bus Benefits.

Sam Balto, a PE teacher and advocate for active transportation, discusses his journey into teaching and his passion for promoting biking and walking to school. He shares his experience starting a bike bus at his school and the positive impact it has had on the students’ confidence, mental health, and sense of community. Sam emphasizes the importance of creating safe and accessible infrastructure for active transportation and encourages parents and educators to advocate for change. He also highlights the benefits of biking and walking for parents, including increased mindfulness and a calmer presence. Sam’s goal is to continue promoting active transportation and supporting bike buses as a tool for building stronger communities.


  • Starting a bike bus at schools can promote confidence, community, and independence among students.
  • Biking and walking to school can have positive effects on students’ mental health and overall well-being.
  • Creating safe and accessible infrastructure for active transportation is crucial for promoting biking and walking.
  • Parents and educators should advocate for policies that support active transportation and reduce car dependency.
  • Biking and walking can also benefit parents by promoting mindfulness and a calmer presence.

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